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Contract Survey - Become a Union Steward

The first three years of the Local 100 Contract with GCCSA comes to an end on October 31, 2000. We must begin preparing for our next bargaining session.

The first step is to survey our membership about any adjustments that need to be made in the current contract. The survey also requests suggestions for any new articles that might need to be added.

If there are any areas of employer/employee relations that have been troublesome, it is very important to note these - along with suggested solutions - in the survey so that we can make efforts to correct them during negotiations.

Each center needs to elect a member to the bargaining committee who will attend the bargaining sessions and keep the other members in that Center briefed on the ongoing negotiations. Being a committee person is an obligation but also an honor. If you want to have a say about your working conditions, the best place is at the bargaining table.

Once members have been elected, there will be a training session on the duties of bargaining committee members. Following that, we meet with GCCSA representatives. At the training we will review all surveys returned by our membership. Your ideas will be used for making our proposals to GCCSA.


The Union Works - With Your Help

The fact that employers do not always treat their employees in a fair manner makes unions necessary. Indeed, we wage a difficult, daily war against employer infractions that range from being mildly unfair to outright illegal. We always respond when you are faced with injustice.

However, the more attacks that an employer makes, the more difficult our response task becomes. Convincing the employer to act justly is the best defense, and this is achieved by the threat of confrontation with an organized majority of its workstaff. This means,first of all, active members. The effect is twofold: the greater the percentage of a staff that belongs to the union, the more effective the threat of walkout; also, greater funds make possible the hiring of more union representatives who can handle the ongoing problems more effectively.

  • An effective union depends on united workers. Here's what you can do to help make yourself stronger in the workplace:
  • Call or talk to your coworkers. Ask them to stand next to you with the union so that your collective voice cannot be ignored.
  • Volunteer your ideas, in writing, about the things that need to be addressed in the workplace.
  • E-mail us. Takes 2 minutes. This is very important!!!
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