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Labor Pains: San Antonio Current article: October 4, 2001

Comment: City Workers Need Their Money Now: September 20, 2001

Local 100 letter to Mayor Garza and Members of the City Council: September 13, 2001

Local 100 letter to Terry Brechtel: September 13, 2001

Sept. 11th Memo to City of San Antonio Temporary Employees

Most city salaries trail other metros: September 10, 2001

For School Workers, Pay is Pain: September 9, 2001

Seasonal Workers May Lose on Wages: September 7, 2001

Editorial: Living wage dispute is about real families, so resolve it now!: September 6, 2001

City Says Budget has "Living Wage" for All: September 5, 2001

Editorial: Honest, proud work deserves living wage: September 3, 2001

Union vows to seek retroactive wages and benefits from city: September 2, 2001

Brechtel to review pay for city's temps: September 2, 2001

City must stop playing political games over workers' wages: August 28, 2001

Union Wants Higher Salaries: August 24, 2001


Proposition 3 Result:
Garza says S.A. ready for change: Nov. 7, 2001

Click here to see our latest San Antonio newsletter of November 2, 2001. This is a special edition on Proposition 3 and is in English and Spanish.

Low turnout expected in voting today: November 6, 2001

Guerra: There's a part of Proposition 3 no one has even mentioned: November 4, 2001

City issues fail to excite voters: November 4, 2001

Editorial: City makes mistake in lack of openness: Nov. 2, 2001

Casey: Part-time, temporary pols goof on part-time, temp workers: Nov. 2, 2001

Guerra: Before you sign on to Prop. 3 reform, read the fine print: Nov. 1, 2001

Prop. 3 spurs groups' worry: Nov. 1, 2001

San Antonio City Workers Campaign Brochures

Find out more about our campaign with City of San Antonio workers. You can see a text version of our brochure (in English only for now -- Spanish will be available soon) and download a PDF version of both English and Spanish versions, as well.
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Join Us! Down with Evaluations, Up with Equitable Policies

It is an important job of every employer to employ a system for raises and bonuses. The City of San Antonio currently uses an evaluation system, the Employee Performance Assessment (EPA), to rate employees on their performance. Supervisors rate employees on a scale from 0 to 4 and those who score below a certain number do not receive bonuses or pay raises. Others who score in the middle receive only partial bonuses. While it may be a fair system in theory, biases make it unfair in practice. More...

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