How Can All San Antonio City Employees With a Fair Wage Increase?
By Uniting Together for New Strength

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All City Employees Need a Raise:

City workers in San Antonio are some of the lowest paid public employees in Texas.

The City Can Afford a Fair Wage Increase

SEIU research shows that although between 1998- 2000 the City of San Antonio predicted a deficit, there was no deficit in any of those years. What happened?

The City...

We're waiting for the year to date figures from 2001 to see if the same pattern held true. There is no reason to expect that deficits will actually occur in 2002. What is clear is that a surplus of over $81 million is enough to cover any deficits possible as well as fund real across the board increases for all employees.

Get Involved to Win a Fair Wage Increase

With support from SEIU Local 100, city employees are uniting to bring the truth about the budget to our co-workers, communities, and city council representatives.

SEIU is helping us circulate a petition for an across-the-board wage increase for all employees, hold work site meetings, and make our voices heard for fair wages in City Hall.


For more information or to arrange a meeting with an SEIU representative, please call (210) 226-1214 Local 100? SEIU Local 100 is a union for public service employees in Texas who work for cities, counties, school districts and state government.

It is affiliated with the Service Employees International Union, the largest and fastest growing union in the country with 1.4 million members, including more that 700,000 public service employees.

This literature is not intended for anyone who is a member of another AFL-CIO affiliate.