San Antonio:
Letter to Mayor Ed Garza and Members of City Council:
September 13, 2001

Mayor Ed Garza and Members of the San Antonio City Council
San Antonio, TX

September 13, 2001

Dear Mayor and Council:

Over recent weeks Local 100 SEIU and many of our members have been availing ourselves of every opportunity to attempt to make clear the issues of city workers needs and compensation. These issues have become diverse and complex, so we wanted to make an effort to brief you on these matters.

Originally we began on the straightforward issue of whether or not the contemplated budgetary increase was sufficient. Now we are deeply engaged in additional issues, which include the misclassification of what seems to be thousands of city workers as "temporary" workers, rather than permanent full or part-time employees. These inappropriate classifications have also raised the issues of what is necessary to make the workers "whole" through the payment of back wages and credits for holidays, vacations, and other benefit calculations which was incorrectly denied to these men and women working outside of civil service classifications.

To our union, our members, and these workers, these matters are simple: workers were paid less than the minimum wage for San Antonio public servants, a mistake was made, so they are owed money, and where workers were paid less because of misclassifications and did not receive mandated benefits, a mistake was made, and they are owed wages and benefits. We met last week with the City Manager and her top department heads. We believe we made progress, and the City Manager committed to study our views closely and to continue to meet and dialogue with us to sort out all of these, and other, issues directly in order to attempt to resolve them directly rather than engaging in litigation on these issues. A more detailed report on the meeting is available by reading the attached copy of the post-meeting letter between Local 100 Chief Organizer Wade Rathke and City Manager Terry Brechtel.

We will be in touch with you all to answer questions and solicit your support for city workers in resolving these matters.

Thank you as always for your time and consideration.


Karen Bahow
Office Director