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You voted for a voice at work in March.

Now you can read here what the proposed new contract contains.

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News and Announcements

City Raises

Local 100 E-Flash: June 23, 2002

Local 100 E-Flash: May 21, 2002

• Editorial: Let the Man Work: May 20, 2002

Local 100's Press Release about Nagin's Pay Raises, and our letter to the Mayor: May 16, 2002

• Nagin wins pay raises for several key aides: 5 salaries to match or exceed mayor's: May 17, 2002

Read the Agreement with the City here (note: this is on Adobe Acrobat format)

Times-Picayune article on the Contract signing: February 28, 2002

Bargaining Team Members

Read our Local 100 E-Flashes to City Employees

Read archived news articles about how we got where we are now.