Welcome to the SEIU Local 100 web site. This site contains a variety of information about our Union and its activities.

When you logged onto this site, you were greeted by a picture of some of our members displaying our banner and a menu of buttons running down the left side of the page, and another menu running along the top of the page. This is our HOME PAGE.

Clicking on any of the buttons or on the words along the top of the page will bring you to the information described. Clicking on "offices" will bring you to a page that lists all the Local 100 offices located in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. Likewise, clicking on "Personal Care Aides" will bring you to the Personal Care Aides Division page. Clicking on the SEIU 100 logo in the upper left hand corner of any page will bring you back to the home page.

It is our hope that this site informs you sufficiently about who we are and what we do that you will wish to join with us in our endeavors. If so you can call us at the telephone number closest to you location as shown on the OFFICES page, or you can e-mail that office by left clicking on the e-mail address shown by that office.

We hope that this introduction to our web site has been informative, and welcome any suggestions you may have to make it more user- friendly.