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Support Politicians Who Support You!

Local 100 members across Arkansas realize that their lives are affected by the people elected to the state legislature.

  • Click HERE to download a PDF file of the State House candidates Local 100 endores.
  • Click HERE to download our Senate endorsements.
  • Click HERE if you need to get Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Why get involved?

  • The legislature will decide how large a raise people paid by the state receive each year.
  • The legislature will decide whether people paid by the state have the same right as every other private sector worker in the state -- the right to sit across the table from management and, as a group, negotiate a contract that covers our working conditions.
  • The legislature will decide whether to use state funds to leverage federal money to provide affordable health insurance coverage to working Arkansans.

For these reasons, Local 100 members across the state are deciding that their paychecks and rights at work depend on the state legislature. They are making the state tax credit for political contributions work for them by contributing to the Local 100 Political Action Committee.

Make your voice count!

Contribute to the Local 100 PAC (Political Action Committee). Click HERE to fill out our PAC form. Contributions to the Local 100 PAC are eligible for a tax credit on your Arkansas state taxes.

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