RIF Wrath: Union Complaint at DHS
Arkansas Times, February 22, 2002

Employees of the state Department of Human Services and he union that represents many of them, Local 100 of the SEIU, are unhappy over a new Reduction in Force (RIF) policy at DHS because the new policy does not favor seniority in determining which employees are laid off. This has resulted in the loss of jobs by employees who are over 40 and are likely to have a difficult time finding new jobs, according to union officials. They want a return to the old policy and are seeking a meeting ith DHS Director Kurt Knickrehm.

Joe Quinn. a DHS spokesman, said the old policy required that when a RIF occurred in one division of DHS, an employee with seniority in that division was virtually guaranteed a job in another division even though the employee might be unsuited for the other job and couldn't adequately serve either DHS or its clients. THe new policy provides flexibility of the sort that private employers enjoy, Quinn said. A recent FIF occurred at DHS after the dempartment contracted with a private company, TRW, for computer services.

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