State Workers Stage Rally on Late Checks


State Workers to Stage Rally on Late Checks

The Associated Press
Arkansas Democrat Gazette 10 B
Wednesday, August 8, 2001

Not satisfied with the response for the Capitol, state workers dealing with the ripple effect of not getting paid on time plan to rally at Gov. Mike Huckabee's home this weekend.

We're going to rally over a the governor's triple wide on Saturday. We're going to have people have had real problems crated because of bounced checks and people who are having real problems because they can't get access to pay stubs. They're going to talk about what it's like rally organizer Leslie Haber said Tuesday.

The governor who is living in a triple wide mobile home behind the Governor's mansion while it is being renovated, signaled his willingness to meet with workers before the weekend.

The governor was attending a National Governor's Association meeting in Rhode Island on Tuesday but discussed the rally with spokesman Jim Harris by telephone.

Huckabee was to return to Arkansas on Tuesday night.

Tuesday evening, Harris said the governor could meet with state workers this morning at his office, but because the governor's office had not heard from the workers, three would be no meeting.

They did not bother to call and take him up on that opportunity Harris said. That shows that they are not interested in working on a solution They re interested in holding a rally."