Computer Blues for Arkansas State Employees

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July 20, 2001


The new state system is working a hardship on state employees at the Department of Human Services and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, as well as personal care aides at the state Health Department, ins some cases delaying their paychecks for days and in others denying them access to information about the direct deposit of their checks. That’s according to Local 100 of the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) which represents some 800 of the workers and is circulating petitions for changes in the system.

The employees formerly picked up the checks themselves. Under the new system, employees choose to have checks deposited directed into their bank accounts, or to have the checks mailed to them at their homes. The SEIU stays that employees who receive checks by mail aren’t getting them on time, and direct deposit employees receive no written record of deposits. Employees are told they can check their accounts on line, but most have limited computer access, the SEIU says, It’s asking for written record s of direct deposits, payment on payday and for the state to cover fees incurred because of late deposits.

The AASIS has acknowledge paycheck problems involving Regions Bank and some 2,600 state employees, and said the problems are being corrected. The SEIU says many more state employees have been affected.