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CLIP Bonus Update

June 20, 2002: First of all, read today's article in the Pine Bluff Commercial. Mr. Quinn said, ""I believe," Quinn said, "that 20 percent is in line with the private sector for recognition of work. With the economy the way it is, private businesses are not giving increases or bonuses, but the CLIP program is rewarding people. Frankly, I believe these claims are factually off-base."

Now, how would he what's factual or not? DHS hasn't even gotten the paperwork explaining why individual workers aren't eligible for CLIP bonuses.

DHS Policy 1093 establishes the Career Ladder Incentive Program (CLIP). According to the policy, the purpose of CLIP is to "encourage employees to develop the skills necessary for effective job performance and eligibility for incentive payments and career advancement within DHS." DCFS workers believed that, because it is policy, if they met and applied the criteria established for their specific classification, they would be approved for CLIP bonuses. They also understood that once they were approved, they would get the bonus if funds were available. These things have not happened.

Were you recommended for CLIP bonuses by your supervisor?

Still waiting for written evidence that you don’t meet the criteria? Policy requires it, but it hasn’t happened.

Two years ago, Mr. Kindle met with staff at DCFS offices and said no one would be getting CLIP because the division needed more time to do the work needed to do so. He said they'd be ready to go this year. They weren't.

Why haven’t you received paperwork explaining why you did or did not meet the CLIP criteria?

Why, after working so hard doing your job, and a portion of another, shouldn’t you be at the top of the list to qualify for the CLIP bonus?

Why, with millions appropriated for CLIP, are you being told that you aren’t being considered?

Why have those of you working jobs outside your titles not received job audits?

Why can you employees at DCFS, who were told this year would be different, look at this year and see the same lack of recognition from management for the hard work you do?

Do you believe they have the money--- since the legislature appropriated the funds?

Do you believe you deserve a CLIP bonus? Fill out our form (click HERE) and we'll contact you.

Join hundreds of others across Arkansas who've joined together to be paid fairly, and treated with dignity and respect. Click HERE to go to our CLIP Bonus Form and we'll tell you how.

June 14, 2002: Did you think you were going to get a CLIP bonus-- but have been told no one in DCFS will get them? Were you told there was no money for CLIP? Monday, June 10th Governor Huckabee, in his address to the legislature, said "Funds for CLIP bonuses will be available." Although the legislature set aside funds for CLIP, many DCFS employees are waiting to see if they'll get it. They are concerned because, even before they recieved the email from Mr. Kendall about the lack of funds, they were told -- verbally -- that they did not meet the criteria to be eligible for a CLIP bonus. Many workers question how not one person -- out of almost a thousand -- didn't meet the criteria, though many people in other divisions have. We all hope that DCFS employees get the bonuses. If they don't, our members are working together to get their cases heard.

If you don't receive what you believe you've earned, print this page out, fill in the information and fax it to us at (501) 376-2423. Or you can paste this into an e-mail and send your information to us at

NAME: ___________________________________________

ADDRESS: _______________________________________

HOME PHONE: _____________________________________

Check what's applicable:

___My supervisor recommended me for a CLIP bonus

___Although my supervisor recommended me for a CLIP bonus, I was informed that I wouldn't get it.

___I was told that there was no money for CLIP bonuses.

___I would like to get involved in a campaign for fair pay, bonuses, and a voice at work. Please call me at home at the number listed above.

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