News and Announcements

DHS Employees Stage Protest: June 20, 2002

Victory! A Summary of the Arkansas Paycheck Snarls and How Local 100 Won for Our Members: August 24, 2001

Companies Will Go Easy in Check Snarl:
August 16, 2001

Late Checks from State Bring Understanding from Banks, Utilities: August 16, 2001

Third Time's a Charm for State Payroll System:
August 11, 2001

Governor Meets with Workers Eyeing Payday Problems: August 10, 2001

Letter to Gov. Huckabee: August 8, 2001

State Workers Stage Rally on Late Checks: August 8, 2001

More Computer Blues: Letter to Gov. Huckabee: August 3, 2001

Computer Blues for Arkansas State Employees: July 20, 2001

AR Health First Proposal

State Employees Below the Poverty Level

Arkansas Needs A Raise

Guerra: Low Wage City Workers Still Have Issues to Resolve: May 1, 2002

Proposition 3: San Antonio

Low turnout expected in voting today: November 6, 2001

Editorial: City makes mistake in lack of openness: Nov. 2, 2001

Casey: Part-time, temporary pols goof on part-time, temp workers: Nov. 2, 2001

Guerra: Before you sign on to Prop. 3 reform, read the fine print: Nov. 1, 2001

Prop. 3 spurs groups' worry: Nov. 1, 2001

Labor Pains: San Antonio Current article: October 4, 2001

San Antonio: Comment: City Workers Need Their Money Now: September 20, 2001

San Antonio: Most city salaries trail other metros: September 10, 2001

San Antonio: Seasonal Workers May Lose on Wages: September 7, 2001

Houston: HISD Criticized for Outsourcing: September 7, 2001

San Antonio Editorial: Living wage dispute is about real families, so resolve it now!: September 6, 2001

San Antonio: City Says Budget has "Living Wage" for All: September 5, 2001

Editorial: Honest, proud work deserves living wage: September 3, 2001

San Antonio: Union vows to seek retroactive wages and benefits from city: September 2, 2001

San Antonio Express News: Brechtel to review pay for city's temps: September 2, 2001

San Antonio Express News: City must stop playing political games over workers' wages: August 28, 2001

Union Wants Higher Salaries: August 24, 2001

Houston Independent School District News: August 2001 

San Antonio News: August 2001

Gulf Coast Community Services Association News: August 2001



Louisiana Supreme Court Finds NO Minimum Wage Law Unconstitutional: September 5, 2002

Local 100 E-Flash to New Orleans City Employees on Pay Raises: May 21, 2002

Editorial: Let the Man Work: May 20, 2002

Local 100's Press Release about Nagin's Pay Raises, and our letter to the Mayor

Nagin wins pay raises for several key aides: 5 salaries to match or exceed mayor's: May 17, 2002

Minimum wage increase's scope stirs up legal debate: Which businesses are exempt is at issue: May 16, 2002

High court deciding on wage increase: Decision could be last word on N.O. fight: May 14, 2002

Living Wage Law Upheld; State Ban Unconstitutional: March 26, 2002

City of New Orleans Signs Agreement with Local 100 & N.O. Public Employees Council: March 3, 2002

Times-Picayune article on the Contract signing: February 28, 2002

AFL-CIO backs effort to raise minimum wage: February 27, 2002

New Orleans Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Minimum Wage Hike: February 3, 2002

Insurance Little Help to Louisiana Unemployed: October 23, 2001

New Orleans: Local 100 and N.O. Public Employees Council, AFL-CIO, win City Workers Election! Includes links to Baton Rouge Advocate and Times-Picayune articles!

New Orleans: Union vote set for next week: Each city department will decide for itself: October 3, 2001

Let Your Voice Be Heard! Fill out our Bargining Survey for New Orleans City Workers

Morial OKs vote on union by city workers: September 5, 2001

Union Drops Lawsuit Over School Budget:
August 21, 2001

Rapides Bus Drivers Foresee Route Problems: August 7, 2001

East Baton Rouge Parish: Local 100 Sues School Board Over Job Cut

New Orleans: City Workers Consider Union: July 27, 2001