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JPEG format is preferable. It has enough information to crop, reduce, or enlarge to fit into the space available.

If you don't have a digital camera and you know you're going to be taking photos for the web site, have the pictures developed onto a CD and send the CD to our webmaster, Janet.

Be sure to label the CD with the following information: Your name and city, the unit(s) the photos cover (where the people work), the dates they were taken, the names of the people in the photos, and any event they portray. The best way to do this is to photocopy the actual photos and write it all underneath, then send the photocopy to Janet with the CD.

If you will be e-mailing digital photographs in, we will also need that information. You should include it in the e-mail message that the photos are attached to.

While it's great to get photography that has been enhanced, either with text or other graphics, or by making a collage of photos, we haven't had much luck getting the quality we need to put these on the web site. The text comes over as a graphic, so it's been difficult to read it all. The photos in collages don't do well if we have to make the photo bigger or smaller.

So, please send "raw" photos. Dark photographs can be lightened up to make them work. Don't assume that because a photo looks kind of dark that we can't use it. However, all photos must be in focus to be put on the web; that's one variable we really can't fix.

Send files to Send CDs and photocopies to 1024 Elysian Fields Ave., New Orleans, LA 70117. They will be forwarded to our webmaster.


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