Pay Equity for Community Home Workers



Employees at privately-owned community homes and institutions for the developmentally disabled make $1-2 less than their counterparts in state-owned facilities.  This is the case despite the fact that the money to run private facilities also comes primarily from state and federal sources. 


The reason for this is three-fold:


1)  The rates at which private providers are compensated for these services is too low, and the increases have barely kept up with inflation over the past several years.


2)  The state does not require private providers to pay a living wage.


3)  The union-density amongst private providers is under 50% state-wide.  Less than half of the people who work in private facilities in Louisiana are members of a union.


The result is that non-union companies are able to set the standard for wages in the industry and they are able to set those wages in ways that maximize their profit and minimize employee wages and benefits.



WHAT CAN BE DONE?  Workers in community homes can fight to raise their pay by increasing the standards.  There are several things YOU can do:


1)        If you work at a union facility, become a steward and sign up all of your co-workers. Click here for a list of unionized community home companies in Louisiana.


2)        If you work at a non-union facility, join with your co-workers to fight for a union.


3)        Join us in our fight for legislation to raise community home worker pay.



Click here to send us e-mail to find out more or call us at (225) 923-3102 in Baton Rouge, or 1-800-349-7348 from anywhere else in the state.



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