School Support Workers




Who are We?


        We are the bus drivers, attendants, and mechanics, who make sure that the kids get to and from school safely each day.


        We are the janitors, custodians, and maintenance workers, who make sure that the kids have a safe, clean environment to learn in.


        We are the cafeteria workers, who make sure that the kids have a nutritious meal twice a day.


        We are the teacher aides, who make sure that each child has the opportunity to learn at school.


        We are the secretaries and clerks. Without us, the schools cannot run.



And Local 100 is our Union!!!

We have members in many Louisiana Parishes:

East Baton Rouge

Pointe Coupee


West Baton Rouge

















New Orleans Caddo


... and we are growing daily.




We are winning battles every day to improve the lives of the people who work in Louisiana schools...

Winning Better Pay


Fighting Privatization and Downsizing


Supporting Programs which Improve Our Schools


Building Solidarity with the Communities we Serve


Fighting for the Resources to Improve our Work


More and Better Training Opportunities


Dignity and Respect



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