Home and Community Workers


Home and community workers are involved in the long term care of elderly or disabled citizens, or in residential care of troubled youth.  Many of us work for near minimum wage, while we are responsible for the lives that are in our care.  On any given day, you would find us:


·       Working in community homes (residential facilities) for the developmentally disabled.


·       Working in group homes for adjudicated youth, drug users, and juvenile offenders.


·       Involved in teaching daily living skills to our clients.


·       Staffing sheltered workshops for developmentally disabled workers.


·       Helping elderly patients with daily living needs in their own homes.


Our work setting is most often a small group home, community home, or the home of the person we work with, but can also be the client’s job site, a sheltered workshop or another community setting.  We are called Direct Care Staff, Home Care Workers, Personal Care Attendants, Job Coaches, or Instructors, depending upon the agency we work for and the specific jobs we do. We continue to work with these people because we care about them.


As a union, we are able to fight for better pay, and dignity and respect on the job. 


Though we work for a variety of agencies, our common, indirect employer is the State of Louisiana.  Join us in forcing the State of Louisiana to recognize that we deserve a Living Wage for the work we do.


Pay Equity for Community Home Workers NOW!



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